Falah Group plans to set up nationally scaled projects in the Agricultural industry of the country.

Agriculture & Dairy

Investment In Agriculture & Dairy Sector

At present, Pakistan is acclaimed to be at 4th position in the world in milk production. Pakistan is said to be surplus in milk production; but due to lack of proper planning, collection and distribution facilities, a major portion of the total production about 97% is consumed, per force, by the producers in the far flung areas and only 3-4% of the total milk is being processed and marketed through formal channels.

Milk and milk products represent 27% of total household expenditure on food items in Pakistan. The neglect about this valuable commodity appears highly undesirable in view of the fact that milk production despite its very low yield, is even today far ahead of the major cash crops such as wheat, cotton, rice and sugarcane. There is a huge demand for both powdered and packed milk in the neighboring countries of Iran, UAE, Saudia Arabia besides Malaysia, and Philippine, which Pakistan can successfully harness to its advantage.

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